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3D scanner SHINING 3D EinScan-SE

What an interesting 3D scanner EinScan-SE

EinScan-SE belongs to a new generation of 3D scanners from Shining 3D, which has already established itself as a manufacturer of quality and reliable equipment. In our store there are several positions of this brand, each of which is aimed at implementing specific tasks. The EinScan-SE scanner is a multifunctional device optimized for working with 3D printers. Let's look at its benefits in more detail:

  • Speed. A single 3D scan takes only 8 seconds. And a full scan of the model will take two minutes.
  • Simplicity. Controlling the 3D scanner is as simple as possible, you can learn to work with it very quickly.
  • High quality scanning. EinScan-SE provides digital data in the highest quality, accurately repeating every detail and the actual geometry of the original object.
  • Compatible with desktop 3D printers. The software of the device provides scanning in 3D models, optimized directly for 3D printing. Open access to the required 3D printer and print directly.
  • Full automation. Most functions of the device can be performed with minimal or no participation. Yes, the user has access to automatic calibration, one-touch scanning, automatic alignment and merging for direct grid generation.
  • Two scan modes. 3D-scanning can be performed in two modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan.
  • Ability to scan objects of different sizes. EinScan-SE is suitable for various types of tasks because it allows you to scan both small and larger objects.
  • Security. The EinScan-SE 3D scanner uses white light instead of a laser as a light source. It carries no risks and is safe for the eyes.

Possible areas of use of EinScan-SE

  • Education.
  • Creativity and design.
  • Animation.
  • Virtual / augmented reality.
  • Computer Graphics.
  • Digital archiving and data exchange.

EinScan-SE automatic desktop buy in Poland Krakow Wroclaw

3D scanner buy in Krakow

If you are looking for are looking for a device to complement your 3D printing device, the EinScan-SE is an excellent choice. It is also perfect for design, educational, creative purposes. Our company provides an opportunity to buy this 3D scanner in in the city of Krakow, Warsaw, or any other city in Poland. To order, write to us by e-mail, or call the phones listed in the section "Contacts".

Scanner 3D options
Light Source White Light
Scan Range (mm) 200 × 150
Stand-Off Distance (mm) 290 - 480
Scanner Type Desktop
Additional Extensions No
Color Scanning Yes
Scan With Marks Yes
Scan Mode Fixed Scan, Auto Scan
Other options
Part Size Range (m) 0,03 - 0,70
Scan Accuracy (mm) 0,100
Camera Resolution (pixels) 1 300 000
Point Distance (mm) 0,17 - 0,2
Positioning Methods Fixed Scan: Feature, Manual. Auto Scan: Turntable, Manual
Load Capacity Of Turntable (kg) 5,0
Supported File Types OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY
Connectivity USB 2.0, 3.0
Power Input 12V, 3.33A, 40W
System Requirements Required: OS: Win10 (64 bit); CPU: Dual-core i5; RAM: 8G. Recommended: Graphics card: Nvidia series;Graphics memory > 1G
Manufacturer Country China
Weight & Dimensions
Weight Netto (kg) 4,9
Dimensions Netto (mm) 570 x 210 x 210
Weight Brutto (kg) 7,7
Dimensions Brutto (mm) 210 × 320 × 690

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