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Services - 3D Scanning

3D scanning of objects in Center 3D Print

When ordering 3D scanning from Center 3D Print, you get a number of benefits. Namely:

  • High scanning accuracy - up to 20 microns.
  • 3D scanning of objects of any size and complexity. We scan absolutely everything.
  • Quality assurance.
  • We accept orders all over Europe.
  • Terms of execution from 1 day. All orders for 3D scanning are executed on time according to the client's requirements.
  • Scan cost. The minimum cost of 3D scanning is 100 PLN.

3D scanning services

Center 3D Print provides a 3D scanning service for a wide variety of objects and various purposes:

  • We carry out 3D scanning of objects from 1 cm and without limitation.
  • 3D scanning of parts (automotive components, components, mechanisms, etc.).
  • 3D scanning of sculptures and other art products.
  • 3D scanning for medicine.
  • Scanning complex mechanical elements.
  • 3D scanning of a person.
  • 3D scanning of cars.
  • 3D scanning of buildings.
  • High-precision metrological 3D scanning with an accuracy of 20 microns.
  • Off-site 3D scanning.
  • 3D scanning for NFT token.

3D scan result

We accept the result of a successful 3D scan for further refinement in 3D modeling programs.

Once the scan is complete, the resulting digital model becomes your property.

The scanned 3D digital model can be edited and then used for reverse engineering, quality control, or creating a copy of an element, for example, using 3D printing. 

3D scanning of objects in Center 3D Print

3D scanners: our equipment

We perform 3D scanning using professional 3D scanners Shining 3D: EinScan Pro HD, FreeScan UE11 metrological scanners.

You can calculate, order a 3D scanning service:

  • Call us: +48 124 004 646
  • Write us an e-mail:
  • In the office at: 11 Gnieźnieńska Street, 31-317 Krakow, Poland
  • By filling out the Form below:

3D service order form

Attention, please! You can upload your files (.stl / .step / .obj) only as an archive in .zip or .rar format
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