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Services - 3D Modeling

The time frame for 3D Modeling is from 1 day and depends on the complexity and amount of the project.

The minimum order value for 3D Modeling is PLN 50.

The cost of each order is calculated individually.

3D Modeling service

You can order 3D Modeling of any complexity at Center 3D Print, any type of visualization, digitization, CAD/CAD modeling:

  • Engineering 3D modeling: machine parts, reverse engineering, auto tuning, design of tools and equipment, etc.
  • Prototyping
  • Artistic 3D modeling
  • Sculpting
  • 3D modeling of the human face and body
  • 3D modeling for medicine
  • 3D modeling for jewelers
  • Preparation of solid models based on 3D scanning results
  • 3D modeling for creating architectural models
  • 3D modeling of interior parts/elements for visualization and much more.

Created three-dimensional objects can be used in 3D printing, in production, for visualization of objects in various projects, etc.

Data saving formats in Center 3D Print:

  • for technical models: .STL, .STP, .XB
  • for art models: .OBJ, .STL
  • for art models: .PLY, .STL, .OBJ, .ASC, .3MF
  • reverse engineering: in some cases, we can programmatically convert scan results into .STEP or .XB formats

You can calculate, order a 3D modeling service:

  • Calling us by phone: +48 124 004 646
  • Write us an e-mail:
  • At the office: 11 Gnieźnieńska Street, 31-317 Krakow, Poland
  • By filling out the Form below:

3D service order form

Attention, please! You can upload your files (.stl / .step / .obj) only as an archive in .zip or .rar format
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