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Center 3D Print shop proposes everything for 3D printing: 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D plastic, photopolymers, etc. consumables in Poland. Also we provide 3D printing, 3D modeling and 3D scanning services

Brand: KLEMA Model: KLEMA 180
3D printer KLEMA 1803D printer KLEMA 180 is a irreplaceable printer with a small construction area and excellent print quality.Construction area 180&n..
Ex Tax:1,137.40€
Brand: KLEMA Model: KLEMA 250
The main advantages of the KLEMA 250 3D printerThere are many models of 3D printers on the 3D printing market, each of which has its own advantages an..
Ex Tax:1,381.30€
Brand: KLEMA Model: KLEMA 250 Twin
3D printer KLEMA 250 TwinBuild area - 200 × 250 × 350 mmHigh-quality and reliable 3D printer with a construction area of 200 ..
Ex Tax:1,625.20€
3D printer KLEMA PROThe new KLEMA PRO is a high-tech 3D printer, which is an improved version of KLEMA 250 3D printer. New specifications open up more..
Ex Tax:1,625.20€
Brand: KLEMA Model: KLEMA 500
Buy 3D printer KLEMA 500 from the manufacturer3D printer KLEMA 500 is a high-tech, high-quality and reliable 3D printer capable of printing large-size..
Ex Tax:2,438.21€
Brand: KLEMA Model: KLEMA 700
Industrial 3D printer KLEMA 7003D printer KLEMA 700 is a professional device with a huge building field and equipped with a drying chamber for plastic..
Ex Tax:4,877.24€
Brand: KLEMA Model: Acrylic Walls KLEMA
Acrylic walls for 3D printer KLEMAThe acrylic walls in KLEMA 3D printer is needed as protection for the interior of the printer from temperature ..
Ex Tax:85.37€
Brand: Flying Bear Model: Ghost 5
Flying Bear Ghost 5 buy in PolandFlying bear Ghost 5 is a 2021 bestseller at Center 3D Print store. It is a cheap and high quality 3D printer with a l..
Ex Tax:353.25€
3D printer Creality CR-10S 3D printer Creality CR-10S
Out Of Stock
Brand: Creality Model: CR-10S
3D printer Creality CR-10SCreality CR-10S 3D printer The new model of the Creality CR-10S 3D printer, with its simplicity and modular design, provides..
Ex Tax:312.26€
3D printer Creality CR-10S PRO V2 3D printer Creality CR-10S PRO V2
Out Of Stock
Brand: Creality Model: CR-10S PRO V2
3D printer Creality CR-10S PRO V2 buyThe updated model 3D printer Creality CR-10S PRO V2 is suitable for both a novice user and an advanced one. Due t..
Ex Tax:451.43€
Brand: Creality Model: CR-10 Max
3D printer Creality CR-10 MaxThe Creality CR-10 Max 3D printer is a new model in the Creality line of 3D printers with a print area of ​​450*450*470 m..
Ex Tax:708.30€
3D printer Creality Ender-3 3D printer Creality Ender-3
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Creality Model: Ender-3
3D printer Creality Ender 3Creality's Ender 3 open source 3D printer is rightfully named the best 3D printer of 2020 on the ALL3DP platform.With excel..
Ex Tax:121.60€
3D printer Creality Ender-3 Pro 3D printer Creality Ender-3 Pro
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Creality Model: Ender 3 Pro
Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D PrinterThe Creality Ender 3 Pro is the ultimate home 3D printer at an extremely affordable price.It has a rather impressive pr..
Ex Tax:191.19€
3D printer Creality CR-6 Max 3D printer Creality CR-6 Max
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Creality Model: CR-6 Max
3D printer Creality CR-6 MaxThe Creality CR-6 Max 3D printer has a large print area of 400*400*400mm. With this printer, your printing options won't b..
Ex Tax:701.20€
Brand: Anycubic Model: Mega X
3D printer Anycubic Mega X3D printer Anycubic Mega X is a great choice for the budget-conscious user. With it you can take advantage of the large buil..
Ex Tax:365.15€
Brand: Creatbot Model: DX
Reliable CreatBot DX 3D printerCreatBot DX 3D printer is the latest 3D printer with a huge print area: 300 * 250 * 300 mm.The cast and very durable me..
Ex Tax:1,565.48€
Brand: Creatbot Model: DX Plus
3D printer CreatBot DX Plus buy3D Printer CreatBot DX Plus is the latest 3D printer with a huge print area of ​​300 x 250 x 520 mm. The die-cast and v..
Ex Tax:2,087.37€
Brand: Creatbot Model: F430
What is interesting about the CreatBot F430 3D printerAlmost all devices of the CreatBot range are represented in our store , and we are proud to pres..
Ex Tax:2,957.18€
Brand: Creatbot Model: D600 Pro
CreatBot D600 Pro 3D printerCreatBot D600 Pro 3D printer thanks to the print volume of 600 x 600 x 600 mm, the heated platform and high temperature of..
Ex Tax:10,437.57€
Brand: Creatbot Model: PEEK 300
3D Printer CreatBot PEEK 300CreatBot PEEK-300 is an industrial 3D printer designed for medicine, surgery, industrial production. Produces printing of ..
Ex Tax:12,003.41€
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