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ABS plastic

Brand: Plexiwire Model: 1,75 mm (400 m / 1 kg)
ABS+ PlexiwireABS+ Plexiwire is a modified ABS designed specifically for 3D printing. Special additives, first of all, made it possible to increase adhesion and avoid delamination of the model during printing. Also, the modified ABS has a lower shrinkage factor, which, together with improved ad..
79 zł
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Brand: Spectrum Filaments Model: 1,75 mm / 1,0 kg
ASA 275 filament Spectrum UV and thermal resistanceASA 275 filament is an ultraviolet and high temperature resistant professional material designed for desktop 3D printers. The composition of Spectrum ASA 275 has been specially modified to make the material more flexible, improve yield strength, red..
150 zł
Ex Tax:122 zł
Brand: Spectrum Filaments Model: 1,75 mm / 1,0 kg
Smart ABS filament 1 kgSmart ABS filament Spectrum Filaments is a durable and impact-resistant material that has specific qualities such as high impact resistance and relatively high rigidity. This "smart" version of ABS plastic has improved processing parameters that significantly reduce the diffic..
95 zł
Ex Tax:77 zł
Brand: Spectrum Filaments Model: 1,75 mm / 1,0 kg
Industrial grade ABS GP450 Spectrum FilamentsIndustrial grade ABS GP450 is optimized for 3D printing. Spectrum ABS GP450 is an industry-class thread for building models by 3D printing. This material has an amorphous structure. And it is popular due to high impact strength, hardness, relati..
170 zł
Ex Tax:138 zł
Brand: Spectrum Filaments Model: 1,75 mm / 0,75 kg
ABS Kevlar filament 1.75 mmABS Kevlar filament - aramid fiber reinforced material for 3D printing. Spectrum ABS Kevlar is a structural composite material based on ABS with the addition of aramid fibers, commonly known as Kevlar.Demand for industrial quality materials, but with better properties than..
200 zł
Ex Tax:163 zł
Brand: Spectrum Filaments Model: 1,75 mm / 1,0 kg
ABS Medical - biocompatible plastic for 3D printingABS Medical is a high-quality plastic for 3D printing, specially designed for medical applications, production of parts that come into contact with food or the human body. The material was tested and approved for biocompatibility and contact with fo..
180 zł
Ex Tax:146 zł
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