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Brand: Formlabs Model: Clear
Transparent photopolymer resin Formlabs Clear ResinOne of the great features of SLA 3D printing is the ability to create virtually transparent structures. To date, there are a number of different transparent photopolymers on the market, including Formlabs resin. Formlabs is one of the world's leadin..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: White
Cartridge Formlabs White ResinWhite photopolymer resin for Formlabs 3D printer 3D printer. Provides good detail of products, a smooth and uniform surface of objects. Formlabs White Resin resin models behave well during post-treatment and painting. This material allows you to reproduce objects with a..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Grey
Cartridge Formlabs Grey ResinHigh-quality photopolymer resin for SLA/LFS 3D printer Formlabs Form 3. Ideal for making detailed samples for any purpose. Suitable for design projects and prototyping. Supports high-precision printing: 25, 50 or 100 microns.Photopolymer resin is the main consumable used..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Black
Cartridge Formlabs Black ResinThe Formlabs Black Resin cartridge is ideal for creating ultra-precise objects with a high degree of detail. This photopolymer resin will be an excellent choice for jewelers, because it allows you to print in detail the smallest elements of the model. Layer height: 25, ..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Model V2
Photopolymer Formlabs Model ResinModel Resin is a highly effective material for models of crowns and other products for the field of orthodontics. For maximum accuracy, use 25 micron print settings.Professional 3D SLA printers are one of the most versatile tools that can be found in dental laborator..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Draft
Cartridge Formlabs Draft ResinFormlabs Draft Resin was created for really fast prototyping.Supports print resolution: 300 microns.Does not require further curing.Today, engineers and designers often use FDM printers for initial model prototyping and SLA printers for models with higher reproduction a..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Color Base
Cartridge Formlabs Color Base Resin, 0.8 LOnly this cartridge is suitable for mixing with pigments: blue, magenta, yellow, white, black.The volume of the cartridge is 800 mlColor - transparent whiteThe Color Base cartridge base differs in composition from ordinary Formlabs photopolymer resin. Only t..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Color Kit
Formlabs Color KitThe Formlabs Color Kit is a unique opportunity to create color photopolymer products without leaving home!Available pigment colors - black, white, blue, purple, yellow.Color helps us understand the world around us. The color can indicate which details you need to look at, crea..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Color Kit Pigments
Pigments for Formlabs Color KitColor Kit pigments are mixed with the Color Base resin to 3D print in color on a Formlabs 3D printer. It is the first integrated photopolymer color mixing solution that enables 3D printing in a variety of colors without manual finishing or painting.When replenishing pi..
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