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ABS filament Fiberlogy 1,75 mm / 0,85 kg

ABS Fiberlogy for durable 3D printing

ABS for 3D printing is a durable professional plastic used to print models with high hardness and impact resistance. The material is resistant to high temperatures and scratches, and therefore is widely used in design and engineering in creation of both conceptual models of various products and end-use products. ABS is used in manufacturing, especially in prototyping elements with greater rigidity.

A spool of 3D plastic filament for 3D printer, 0.85 kg weight, in a sealed individual package.

What is printed from ABS plastic?

Due to its excellent strength characteristics, impact resistance, temperature resistance, the material will be an excellent choice for printing such elements:

  • Prototypes of connecting elements requiring high temperature resistance.
  • Tools: gears, racks, elements requiring high strength
  • Gadgets and their parts: phone cases, stands, key chains.
  • Toys, car parts, household items and decor.

ABS for 3D printing durable heat resistant material buy in Poland

Properties of ABS

  • High hardness.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and abrasion.
  • Can be processed mechanically and chemically.

Buy ABS 3D plastic for professional printing

FDM materials
Ø Of Plastic (mm) 1,75
Print Temperature (°C) Up to 270
Material ABS
Diameter Tolerance (mm) +/- 0,02
Density (g/cm3) 1,04
Colours Black, Blue, Grafite, Gray, Light Green, Red, White, Yellow. Special: Inox, Onyx, Vertigo
Printing Options
Print Temperature (°C) 250 - 265
Bed Adhesive Glass, Kapton tape, ABS juice
Bed Temperature (°C) 90 - 110
Heated Bed Necessary
Closed Chamber Recommended
Active Cooling Fan (%) 0 - 10
Flowrate (%) 95 - 105
Print Speed (mm/s) 35 - 60
Retraction - Direct (mm) 2 - 3
Retraction - Bowden (mm) 4 - 6
Retraction Speed (mm/s) 20 - 45
Drying Conditions 60 °C / 4 h
Manufacturer Country Poland
Weight & Dimensions
Plastic Weight (kg) 0,85

Fiberlogy manufactures its products on modern German equipment from high quality raw materials delivered from trusted suppliers. Quality control takes place at every stage of plastic production. Particular attention is paid to the filament purity and uniformity of its diameter along its entire length. The plastic diameter is checked with a laser micrometer to ensure the best dimensional tolerance (above average +/- 0.02 mm), and nozzles (+0.01 mm). Manufacturer reports about it every time on the packaging.

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