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PET-G Carbon filament Spectrum Filaments 1,75 mm / 1,0 kg

PET-G Carbon filament for 3D printer

PET-G Carbon filament is a modified yarn to which 10% of carbon fiber has been added. It is a harder and harder plastic, which acquired its properties due to the carbon in its composition. In addition, it better resists tension, while maintaining low shrinkage and excellent adhesion to the desktop, typical of pure PET-G. Products printed from this material have a matte surface, which significantly improves their aesthetic properties.

PET-G with carbon fiber - characteristics

  • Improved hardness and rigidity as compared to the pure PET-G.
  • Higher plasticisation temperaturę as compared to the pure PET-G.
  • Improved abrasion resistance.
  • VICAT 80 °C.
  • Much higher compression resistance as compared to the pure PET-G.
  • Good mechanical properties.
  • High aesthetic, matte surface quality.
  • No shrinkage after cooling.

Where PET-G Carbon is used

  • Items which need to be very rigid and hard while maintaining dimensional accuracy.
  • Manufacturing of spacer components subject to static compressive loads.
  • Concept and demo prototyping.
  • Ornamental parts (aesthetic properties).
  • External structural components which emphasise the product.
  • Prototyping.

3D printing thread PET-G Carbon

This type of plastic for 3D printing contains a significant amount of carbon fiber in its composition. This can help speed up the wear of the nozzles, which should be taken into account when choosing them.

Recommendations for 3D printing with PET-G Carbon filament are as follows: use nozzles with a diameter larger than the standard value of 0.4 mm. As the presence of carbon fibers can cause standard nozzles to wear out, use hardened steel or ruby attachments for long-term use of Spectrum Carbon PET-G.

PET-G Carbon for 3D printer FDM buy in Poland


The thread weighing 1.0 kg is wound on a transparent spool, which contains information about the type of material, diameter, color and recommended printing temperature. Each coil is packed in a vacuum with a dehumidifier. All in the original Spectrum Filaments foil cardboard.

Coil dimensions

  • Outer diameter - 200 mm.
  • Width - 67 mm.
  • Inner diameter - 52 mm.
  • Weight of empty coil - ± 250 g.

Verify quality of 3D plastic thread 

Spectrum Filaments is the only company in Poland and one of the few in the world that has a tool for testing purchased filaments. VERIFY YOUR SPOOL is the most accurate quality control system on the market, ensuring that Spectrum Filaments products meet his stringent requirements.

Filament for 3D printers is produced by free extrusion, which is one of the most difficult extrusion processing technologies, due to the particularly significant influence of process parameters on product dimensions and material homogenization. During the manufacturing process, each 1mm of Spectrum Filaments is continuously measured in 2 axes with an accuracy of ±0.8 µm, resulting in a quality end product. To prove this, Spectrum Filaments, as one of the few manufacturers in the world, has introduced the possibility of an online presentation, individually for each coil produced:

  • diameter travel along the entire length of the coil;
  • average diameter;
  • ovality;
  • standard deviation.

Buy PET-G with carbon for 3D printing  in Poland

FDM materials
Ø Of Plastic (mm) 1,75
Print Temperature (°C) Up to 270
Material PET-G
Diameter Tolerance (mm) +/- 0,05
Density (g/cm3) 1,32
Colours Black
Printing Options
Print Temperature (°C) 230 - 255
Bed Temperature (°C) 60 - 80
Heated Bed Necessary
Closed Chamber Not required
Active Cooling Fan (%) Up to 100
Flowrate (%) 100 - 105
Print Speed (mm/s) 30 - 70
Retraction - Direct (mm) 1 - 3
Retraction - Bowden (mm) 4 - 6
Retraction Speed (mm/s) 25 - 45
Manufacturer Country Poland
Weight & Dimensions
Plastic Weight (kg) 1,0
Weight Brutto (kg) 1,4

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