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3D printer CreatBot DX

Reliable CreatBot DX 3D printer

CreatBot DX 3D printer is the latest 3D printer with a huge print area: 300 * 250 * 300 mm.

The cast and very durable metal body of the CreatBot DX 3D printer allows you to print at maximum speeds without losing print quality.

The stepper motor is located in the back of the printer that allows to reduce weight of a head and to reach high speed.

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In the CreatBot DX 3D printer, the extruders have an intelligent cooling system, thanks to which the plastic is fed at the optimum temperature. The design, which allows you to adjust the height of the nozzle, allows you to adjust multiple nozzles more quickly and easily, which provides perfect accuracy when printing color models. The CreatBot DX 3D printer supports 3D printing with three heads.

CreatBot DX is the latest 3D printer equipped with a power management module. This feature automatically turns off the 3D printer when printing is complete. When printing is complete and there is no keyboard operation for five minutes, the system automatically shuts down the printer. This feature is very useful and reduces the power consumption of the printer.

The CreatBot DX 3D printer is equipped with a multifunction control panel that provides direct access to a specific function at the touch of a button. The keyboard has 9 keys. Auxiliary functions include: to move up and down the Z shaft, heating or cooling the platform, pausing or resuming printing, and other unique software features.

Gear motors make more revolutions compared to conventional stepper motors, which makes it easier to slide the thread and increases the accuracy of the plastic. The design of the roller is also designed to ensure the supply of plastic without damaging the thread.

The ceramic platform with heating provides uniform heating, and thermal efficiency is considerably improved that allows to reduce energy consumption considerably. The platform has a smooth silicone-based surface, so it has a longer service life.

The metal tray of the platform is stiffer, which reduces vibration during operation. The metal bracket for mounting the tray is up to 10 mm thick, so the platform heats up very quickly and evenly.

The plastic feed mechanism is located in the rear of the machine, providing the maximum lightness of the nozzle head. Similarly, the supply of plastic from below allows you to achieve maximum speed during printing.

Main advantages

  • Cast steel body
  • Construction area: 300 * 250 * 300 mm
  • Support two / three extruders
  • Support 3.0 / 1.75mm plastic thread
  • High-precision mechanics + a reliable steel case allow to conduct 3D printing at extreme speeds without risk of damage to the printer or to spoil a detail.


  • Printing range 300 * 250 * 300mm
  • Number of nozzles 2 or 3
  • Nozzle diameter 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0 mm
  • Minimum layer thickness 0.04 mm
  • Positioning accuracy 0.01 mm XYZ axis
  • Printing speed 250 mm/s
  • Variable speed 250 mm/s
  • Nozzle temperature Max. 250 degrees (400 degreee)
  • Platform temperature Max. 120 degrees
  • Plastic type PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, Nylon, Laywood, Laybrick, Flexibl, etc.
  • Thread diameter 3.0 mm (1.75 mm optional)
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OSX
  • Language Russian, English, Multi-language
  • CreatBot Software multilingual version
  • Processor ATmega 2560
  • File format STL, OBJ, GCode, Amf
  • LCD display 128 * 64 monochrome multi-language
  • Power supply 110 ~ 220V, 360W
  • Weight 28 kg
  • Dimensions 420 * 380 * 570 mm
  • Package sizes 560 * 520 * 710mm
  • Weight with package 42 kg
  • Manufacturer CreatBot
  • Country China

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics of the equipment without notice.


  • Power cable;
  • USB cable;
  • Scotch tape for 3D printing;
  • SD card with software;
  • Spare parts;
  • A set of tools for mechanics (wrenches, wrenches);
  • SD card adapter;
  • User manual in English;
  • Set of tools (spatula, screwdriver, wrenches, tweezers, drill, needle)

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The main
Plot area 300х250х300 mm
FDM printer options
Printing technology FDM
Feeder type Bowden
Other options
Maximum carriage speed (mm/s) 20 micron

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