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TPU S-Flex 98A filament Spectrum Filaments 1,75 mm / 0,5 kg

Flexible plastic for 3D printer hardness 98A

Flexible plastic 98A S-Flex is a material with very good impact strength and thermal insulation. Based on thermoplastic polyester polyurethane, the S-Flex 98A is characterized by a relatively light and trouble-free 3D printing process. Also, the advantages of plastic are excellent adhesion of the first layer of the printed model to the work surface, regardless of the material of this surface (glass, steel, plastic or other material).

Low shrinkage during processing and high flexibility significantly reduce the risk of so-called folding of the edges of manufactured parts. As the name implies, the S-Flex 98A material has a Shore 98A hardness, which puts it in the category of solid elastomers. This feature reduces the risk of deformation of the thread in the plastic supply system, which feeds the plastic thread to the print head, in terms of the 3D printing process. This allows you to print a little faster than other, more compatible elastomers.

Parts made of Spectrum S-Flex 98A are characterized by very high resistance to hydrolysis (destruction caused by the presence of water), good recyclability and very good resistance to dynamic forces. Thanks to these properties, it is possible to 3D-print parts that protect impact surfaces (bumpers, sharp edges), sealing and protective elements with high chemical resistance, as well as thermal insulators.

TPU S-Flex 98A features

  • High resistance to hydrolysis.
  • Up to 510% elongation at break.
  • Shore hardness - 98A.
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance.
  • Low shrinkage.
  • Resistance to many common industrial oils and chemicals.
  • Reduced the number of lines when the printer is not working.


  • Manufacture of seals with high chemical resistance.
  • Manufacture of products to be used as energy adsorbents.
  • Functional parts.
  • All kinds of bumpers, vibration dampers, guides, protective cases, clamping parts.
  • Sleeves, hinges, bumpers and flexible gaskets.
  • Sealing parts with increased rigidity.
  • Spring-cushioning elements for use in mechanical engineering and modeling.
  • Flexible tapes with high strength.
  • Covers and housings for various devices.

Flexible plastic 98A TPU S-Flex for 3D printer, buy in Poland


A 0.5 kg filament is wound on a transparent spool, which contains information about the type of material, diameter, color and recommended printing temperature. Each coil is packed in a vacuum with a dehumidifier. All in the original Spectrum Filaments foil cardboard.

Coil dimensions

  • Outer diameter - 200 mm.
  • Width - 55 mm.
  • Inner diameter - 52 mm.
  • Weight of empty coil - ± 220 g.

Verify quality of 3D plastic thread 

Spectrum Filaments is the only company in Poland and one of the few in the world that has a tool for testing purchased filaments. VERIFY YOUR SPOOL is the most accurate quality control system on the market, ensuring that Spectrum Filaments products meet his stringent requirements.

Filament for 3D printers is produced by free extrusion, which is one of the most difficult extrusion processing technologies, due to the particularly significant influence of process parameters on product dimensions and material homogenization. During the manufacturing process, each 1mm of Spectrum Filaments is continuously measured in 2 axes with an accuracy of ±0.8 µm, resulting in a quality end product. To prove this, Spectrum Filaments, as one of the few manufacturers in the world, has introduced the possibility of an online presentation, individually for each coil produced:

  • diameter travel along the entire length of the coil;
  • average diameter;
  • ovality;
  • standard deviation.

Buy flexible Spectrum S-Flex 98A plastic in Poland

FDM materials
Ø Of Plastic (mm) 1,75
Print Temperature (°C) Up to 270
Material Flex
Diameter Tolerance (mm) +/- 0,05
Density (g/cm3) 1,16
Colours Bahama Yellow, Bloody Red, Deep Black, Lime Green, Lion Orange, Pacific Blue, Polar White
Printing Options
Print Temperature (°C) 200 - 230
Bed Adhesive Magigoo, 3DLac, Dimafix
Bed Temperature (°C) 50 - 70
Heated Bed Necessary
Closed Chamber Not required
Active Cooling Fan (%) 50
Flowrate (%) 100 - 105
Print Speed (mm/s) 20 - 70
Manufacturer Country Poland
Weight & Dimensions
Plastic Weight (kg) 0,5
Weight Brutto (kg) 0,9

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