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Brand: Formlabs Model: Form Auto
Formlabs Form Auto hardware extension for Form 3+Introducing Formlabs Form Auto, a hardware extension for Formlabs Form 3+ and Form 3B+ 3D printers, which is a part of the Formlabs Automation Ecosystem for SLA / LFS 3D Printing.Working in tandem with the new Build Platform 2 with flexible steel-clad..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Fleet Control
Fleet Control for Formlabs Form 3+/3B+Fleet Control is a set of advanced features in the PreForm prepress software and the online printer and consumables management tool Dashboard that provide centralized management of multiple 3rd generation printers and user groups.Fleet Control simplifies the man..
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Brand: KLEMA Model: Acrylic Walls KLEMA
Acrylic walls for 3D printer KLEMAThe acrylic walls in KLEMA 3D printer is needed as protection for the interior of the printer from temperature changes and air movements.The closed case of the 3D printer provides a uniform temperature regime inside the build chamber. This is important when 3D ..
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Raise3D Hyper FFF - Speed Upgrade Kit for Pro3 Series Raise3D Hyper FFF - Speed Upgrade Kit for Pro3 Series
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Brand: Raise3D Model: Hyper FFF - Speed Upgrade Kit
Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit for Pro3 seriesIntroducing the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit for Pro3 series 3D printers - the first Raise3D product based on Hyper FFF technology.This is a set of hardware, software and filaments upgrades for your Pro3 or Pro3 Plus 3D printer for hyper-speed 3D printi..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Fuse Build Chamber
Formlabs Fuse 1 Build ChamberFuse 1 Build Chamber is a necessary element of the Formlabs SLS 3D printing ecosystem. Here is the actual process of creating models takes place. Modular chambers and cartridges reduce equipment downtime. Create a continuous iterative workflow by moving modular Build Cha..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Fuse Powder Cartridge
Formlabs Fuse 1 Powder CartridgeFuse 1 Powder Cartridge is included with the Formlabs High Efficiency Package. However, you may need more Cartridges to keep your SLS 3D printing going continuous.Cartridges are used to store and mix renewed and fresh SLS Powder, as well as to load it into the Fuse 1 ..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Air Exhaust Filter
Fuse 1 Replacement Air Exhaust FilterThe Fuse 1 3D printer uses an air exhaust filter to remove sintering byproducts from its exhaust.Formlabs Authorized Partner in PolandCenter 3D Print is a Formlabs Authorized Partner in Poland.Here You can buy any Formlabs SLS 3D printers with..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Sift HEPA Air Filter
Sift HEPA Air Filter for Formlabs Fuse 1A HEPA Air Filter is used in conjunction with the Formlabs Fuse Sift air handling system to filter out powder. This enables the Fuse Sift to maintain negative pressure under the hood and minimizes potential mess in the workspace.Formlabs Authorized Partne..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Sift 150 Sieve
Sift 150 Sieve for SLS Fuse 1 Printing SystemDuring part extraction on the Fuse Sift, unsintered SLS Powder is dislodged and funneled into the sifter below the workspace. This sieve with a mesh size of 150 microns filters out any small chunks or debris to keep the powder clean. The reclaimed po..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Sift 300 Sieve
Sift 300 Sieve for SLS Fuse 1+ printing systemSift 300 Sieve for Fuse 1+ is required to extract parts in the Fuse Sift Powder Processing Station. The green SLS powder is knocked out and sent to the sieve under the workspace. This sieve with a mesh size of 300 microns is used for the reduct..
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Brand: SHINING 3D Model: FootStation Pack
Buy the FootStation Pack moduleAdditional module for scanning the anatomy of the foot for 3D scanners EinScan Pro and Pro + from the manufacturer Shining 3D.Areas of application: medicine (orthopedics, prosthetics), production (clothing, footwear, special anatomical devices).The&..
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Brand: Formlabs Model: Build Platform 2
Formlabs Build Platform 2 Quick ReleaseBuild Platform 2 with new patented technology Quick Release - for printing on Formlabs resin 3D printers.The new Build Platform 2 has a flexible surface and comfortable handles. With one simple movement, printed parts are instantly removed from this coating wit..
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3D accessories

3D accessories for FDM 3D printers, SLA and LFS photopolymer 3D printers, SLS powder 3D printers, 3D scanners and other devices. You can order online or buy 3D accessories in our store by choosing 3D accessories in the showroom.
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