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Brand: Spectrum Filaments Model: 1,75 mm / 0,5 kg
PET-G with Carbon filament Spectrum FilamentsPET-G with Carbon is a carbon-reinforced material with increased hardness and rigidity. Filament Spectrum PET-G Carbon is a modified PET-G plastic with the addition of carbon fiber. This provides a significant increase in stiffness, hardness and tensile s..
140 zł
Ex Tax:114 zł
Brand: Spectrum Filaments Model: 1,75 mm / 1,0 kg
PET-G Carbon filament for 3D printerPET-G Carbon filament is a modified yarn to which 10% of carbon fiber has been added. It is a harder and harder plastic, which acquired its properties due to the carbon in its composition. In addition, it better resists tension, while maintaining low shrinkage and..
221 zł
Ex Tax:180 zł
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