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Brand: Spectrum Filaments Model: 1,75 mm / 0,75 kg
Polycarbonate with Teflon PC/PTFE filament 0.75 kgPolycarbonate with Teflon PC/PTFE from Spectrum Filaments demonstrates excellent resistance to high temperatures and abrasion.This is an advanced composite yarn based on polycarbonate (PC) with the addition of Teflon (PTFE). The resulting material sa..
300 zł
Ex Tax:244 zł
Brand: Raise3D Model: 1,75 mm / 1,0 kg
Buy Polycarbonate Premium PC Raise3DOn this page you can buy Premium PC Raise3D - a reliable and durable filament for 3D printing in mechanical engineering and for end use.Raise3D Premium PC is an advanced polycarbonate (PC) filament with excellent printability and mechanical properties, including f..
282 zł
Ex Tax:229 zł
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