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ABS+ filament Plexiwire 1,75 mm / 400 m / 1,0 kg ABS+ filament Plexiwire 1,75 mm / 400 m / 1,0 kg
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Brand: Plexiwire Model: 1,75 mm / 400 m / 1,0 kg
ABS+ PlexiwireABS+ Plexiwire is a modified ABS designed specifically for 3D printing. Special additives, first of all, made it possible to increase adhesion and avoid delamination of the model during printing. Also, the modified ABS has a lower shrinkage factor, which, together with improved ad..
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Brand: Fiberlogy Model: 1,75 mm / 0,85 kg
ABS PLUS Fiberlogy for durable 3D printingHigh hardness ABS PLUS filament with reduced shrinkage from Fiberlogy.This is a multifunctional material for desktop 3D printing. It is interesting due to its special properties, such as increased hardness and less technological shrinkage, which will certain..
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