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Cartridge Formlabs Flexible Resin, 1L

Formlabs Flexible Resin: photopolymer for flexible products

SLA 3D printing technology has reached the level of functionality when it can be used to create products of almost any type. This possibility appears primarily due to the development of new types of photopolymer resins. After all, it is the materials that play a crucial role in expanding the possibilities of printing. The Formlabs Flexible Resin cartridge provides access to the creation of flexible and elastic products on a 3D printer Form 3 or Form 3L. Objects printed with Formlabs Flexible Resin have excellent impact resistance, which makes them optimal for a lot of specific applications. Formlabs Flexible Resin is suitable for creating a variety of seals, membranes, tires and more, as well as for the manufacture of original phone cases and other decorative products.

Resins for 3D printer Form 3

Formlabs 3D printing equipment deservedly enjoys special recognition in the 3D printing market. The 3D printer Form 3 is positioned as a functional device of the new generation, capable of creating almost any object with a high degree of detail. First of all, this possibility is achieved due to photopolymer resins produced for this 3D printer. These include the Formlabs Flexible Resin cartridge, which allows you to create elastic parts for various purposes. Some of them are listed in the previous paragraph, but in fact Formlabs Flexible Resin is suitable for many more tasks. Products from it are perfectly compressed and bent, being at the same time strong enough.

Buy Formlabs Flexible Resin cartridge

In our online store there is a wide range of 3D plastic and photopolymer resins, including consumables for 3D printers Formlabs Form 3. You can buy a cartridge Formlabs Flexible Resin in Center 3D Print at a very affordable price, with delivery throughout Poland. If necessary, we conduct training to work with Formlabs Flexible Resin and any material for 3D printing. Consultation and support at purchase are guaranteed. Ask all questions by phone or e-mail specified in the section "Contacts". We will be happy to help!

See the Data Sheets of the Formlabs Flexible Resin on "Download Data Sheets" tab

Material Parameters
Polymerization Needed
Biocompatibility No
Volume (L) 1
Manufacturer Country USA

Flexible Resins

Download Technical Data Sheets for Flexible Resins:

Flexible Resin

Flexible Resin TDS (EN)

Flexible 80A Resin
Flexible 80A Resin TDS (EN)
Elastic Resin
Elastic Resin TDS (EN)
Elastic 50A Resin
Elastic 50A Resin TDS (EN)

Download Safety Data Sheets for Flexible Resins:

Flexible Resin
Flexible Resin SDS (EN)
Flexible 80A Resin
Flexible 80A Resin SDS (EN)
Elastic Resin
Elastic Resin SDS (EN)
Elastic 50A Resin
Elastic 50A Resin SDS (EN)

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