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Cartridge Formlabs Draft Resin for prototypes, 1L

Cartridge Formlabs Draft Resin

Formlabs Draft Resin was created for really fast prototyping.

Supports print resolution: 300 microns.

Does not require further curing.

Today, engineers and designers often use FDM printers for initial model prototyping and SLA printers for models with higher reproduction accuracy. Photopolymer Draft Resin from Formlabs is a material designed to create prototypes of products in the shortest possible time. It can go through several consecutive iterations during the day and print large items in accelerated mode. The height of the layer of 300 microns provides high-quality detail.

The main area of application of Draft Resin is the production of prototypes. Photopolymer has all the necessary characteristics:

  • curing at a rate that is three to four times higher than standard types of plastic;
  • possibility of printing curved details and embossed text;
  • high positioning accuracy on the X, Y axes.

Due to these parameters, the design process is significantly accelerated.

Formlabs Draft Resin buy Poland

In the image you can see six prototypes of the pump housing, made using Draft Resin. It took 47 minutes to create each of them. When using standard plastic it takes 3 hours and 7 minutes. The latter depicts a finished product printed on the basis of Tough Resin - a hard and durable photopolymer.

Draft Resin is not suitable for printing:

  • prototypes with a very smooth surface;
  • products with many bends and curved lines;
  • products that must meet certain mechanical parameters.

Comparison of different states of Draft Resin with other materials

Draft Resin (raw)
Draft Resin (5 minutes after processing and curing at room temperature)
Draft Resin (5 minutes after processing and curing at 60 °C)
Ordinary photopolymer (untreated)
Ordinary polymer (after processing)
Strength limit (MPa)
Elongation (%)
Tensile strength (GPa)
Bending strength (GPa)
Impact strength (J/m)
Bending temperature under load @0.45 MPa (°C)

Formlabs Draft Resin rapid prototypingFormlabs Draft Resin buy Poland

See the Data Sheets of the Formlabs Draft Resin on "Download Data Sheets" tab

Material Parameters
Polymerization Needed
Biocompatibility No
Layer Height (micron) 100, 200
Printer Compatibility Form 2, Form 3/3+, Form 3B/3B+, Form 3L/3BL
Resin Tank Compatibility Form 2 LT, Form 3 Tank V2/V2.1, Form 3L Tank
Volume (L) 1
Manufacturer Country USA

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Clear Resin SDS (EN)
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White Resin SDS (EN)
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Black Resin SDS (EN)
Color Base Resin
Color Base Resin SDS (EN)
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