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Formlabs Form Cure - polymerizer/dryer for 3D printer

Form Cure polymerizer buy Poland

Form Cure polymerizer is the maximum performance for Formlabs Form 2 and Form 3 SLA 3D printer. This is a unique device that can be fine-tuned to bring the parts to their maximum mechanical properties. For standard photopolymer resins, simply use the default Form Cure time and temperature. For all other materials, use the unique recommended settings for optimal performance. The rotating table provides uniform influence of UV light during post-cleaning. Provides uniform illumination. The chamber heats up to prepare the parts for optimal cleaning.


Dimensions of the device
26.2 * 26.2 * 34.0 cm, height at opening 64 cm
5.6 kg
The diameter of the turntable
19.3 cm
Maximum height of details
18.5 cm
Recommended working environment
Temperature 18 - 28 °C
The maximum temperature of the polymerization chamber
80 °C
13 omnidirectional LEDs
Power LEDs
40 watts and 9.1 watts
LED wavelength
405 nm
Power requirements
90-240 V, 6.0 A; 50 - 60 Hz; 144 W

Maximum Platform Temperature (°C) 80
Weight & Dimensions
Weight Netto (kg) 5,6
Dimensions Assembled (mm) 262 × 262 × 340

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