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Brand: Creality Model: Ender-7
3D printer Creality Ender 7Creality Ender 7 3D printer is another product among Creality that stands out for its high speed 3D printing. When compared with analogues, the print speed limit of which is in the range of 150 - 200 mm/s, Ender 7 boasts a high print speed of up to 250 mm/s, while mai..
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Ex Tax:2 641 zł
Brand: Creality Model: Ender-3 S1
3D printer Creality Ender-3 S1Creality Ender-3 S1 is a 3D printer with a build field of 220 × 220 × 270 mm. It is interesting for such facts as: automatic calibration of the printing table; high-quality print results thanks to the Sprite direct feed extruder; flexible adhesive coating of the desktop..
2 282 zł 2 393 zł
Ex Tax:1 855 zł
Brand: Creality Model: K1 Speedy
High-speed 3D printer Creality K1 SpeedyIntroducing Creality K1 Speedy - a high-speed 3D printer for those who value efficiency and reduced waiting time for results. What is also important, the printer uses less energy for the same result, therefore more environmentally friendly. Focus on creating, ..
3 191 zł
Ex Tax:2 594 zł
Brand: Creality Model: CR-10 Max
3D printer Creality CR-10 MaxThe Creality CR-10 Max 3D printer is a new model in the Creality line of 3D printers with a print area of ​​450x450x470 mm.Rigid and stable triangle frame, desktop auto-calibration, variable nozzle diameters, dual drive belts and two separate power supplies for the mothe..
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Brand: Creality Model: CR-10 5S
Buy a 3D printer Creality CR-10 S5The Creality CR-10 S5 3D printer, which you can buy at Center 3D Print, is a desktop printer with a really large printing area of 500×500×500mm and an affordable price.It is supplied semi-assembled and is perfect for both hobbyist use and small workshops for the pro..
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Belt 3D printer Creality CR-30 3DPrintmill Belt 3D printer Creality CR-30 3DPrintmill
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Brand: Creality Model: CR-30 3DPrintmill
Creality CR-30 3DPrintmill belt 3D printerCreality CR-30 3DPrintmill belt 3D printer is a revolutionary printing device in the FDM/FFF market. It has two key features that make continuous 3D printing possible and make it special.It has a conveyor-type rotating belt work surface that makes the printi..
4 700 zł 5 430 zł
Ex Tax:3 821 zł
3D printer Creality CR-5 Pro H 3D printer Creality CR-5 Pro H
-11 %
Brand: Creality Model: CR-5 Pro H
Reliable 3D printer Creality CR-5 Pro HIntroducing the Creality CR-5 Pro H - a reliable 3D printer with which Creality enters the world of professional 3D printing. It is a multifunctional printer with one extruder and a large print volume of 300x225x380 mm, capable of working with heat-resistant ma..
5 644 zł 6 370 zł
Ex Tax:4 589 zł
Brand: Creality Model: CR-3040 Pro
Creality CR-3040 Pro 3D PrinterThe Creality CR-3040 Pro 3D printer offers a large print volume of 300*300*400 mm and a high print speed of 150 mm/s with a minimum layer height of 100 μm. This professional printer is used to produce high-quality printed parts. The model is based on the CR-3040 printe..
9 895 zł
Ex Tax:8 045 zł
Brand: Creality Model: Sermoon D3
Professional 3D printer Creality Sermoon D3Introducing the Creality Sermoon D3 professional 3D printer - a stable and reliable tool for productive FDM 3D printing. Designed for industrial designers, this 3D printer is great for prototyping, tool and jigs manufacturing, design verification, and mass ..
14 165 zł
Ex Tax:11 516 zł
Brand: Creality Model: K8
Creality K8 3D printer for printing neon advertisingIntroducing the Creality K8 - an industrial 3D printer for LED channel lettering, and neon advertising. This device is specially designed for 3D printing various shapes and letters for LED and neon advertising.With its huge print area of ​​800 ..
23 590 zł
Ex Tax:19 179 zł
Brand: Creality Model: Sermoon M1
3D printer Creality Sermoon M1Introducing 3D printer Creality Sermoon M1 - an industrial high-performance 3D printing device for accurate and detailed prototypes and large-scale models.3D printer Sermoon M1 advantagesSermoon M1 industrial 3D printer has a number of professional functions that distin..
94 440 zł
Ex Tax:76 780 zł
Brand: Creality Model: CR-1000 Pro
Industrial 3D printer Creality CR-1000 ProIntroducing the Creality CR-1000 Pro industrial 3D printer. This is a professional FDM printing device with an enlarged printing area of 1000×1000×1200 mm, which is best suited for the production of high-quality prototypes and large-scale models. It is creat..
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