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Brand: AESUB Model: AESUB Blue
Disappearing Spray AESUB Blue for 3D ScannerDisappearing Spray for 3D Scanner AESUB Blue - mattifies transparent, glossy and shiny objects, making the surface visible to the 3D scanner. Self-evaporates from object's surface after about 4 hours.AESUB blue spray evaporates within a few hours. Thus, th..
188 zł
Ex Tax:153 zł
Brand: AESUB Model: AESUB Orange
Disappearing talc for 3D scanning AESUB OrangeDisappearing talc for scanning AESUB Orange. Bottle sprays a long last material that perfectly and evenly mattes transparent, glossy and shiny objects, making the surface visible to the 3D scanner sensors. It remains on the object surface for a long time..
235 zł
Ex Tax:191 zł
Brand: AESUB Model: AESUB White
Permanent 3D Scanning Spray AESUB WhiteSpray AESUB White is a permanent mattifying spray for 3D scanning developed by scanning experts.The spray applies a uniform thin matting layer to the surface of the object. It is designed to achieve optimum contrast values for optical scanning applications. AES..
101 zł
Ex Tax:82 zł
Brand: AESUB Model: AESUB Green
Matting Spray AESUB Green 3D ScannerAESUB Green is a matting spray for 3D scanner developed by scanning experts for digitizing large reflective and transparent surfaces. A liquid in a large volume canister of 1 L or 5 L.AESUB Green is convenient to use with a spray gun, evenly distributing over larg..
213 zł
Ex Tax:173 zł
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