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ABS+ filament Plexiwire 1,75 mm / 400 m / 1,0 kg

ABS+ Plexiwire

ABS+ Plexiwire is a modified ABS designed specifically for 3D printing. Special additives, first of all, made it possible to increase adhesion and avoid delamination of the model during printing. Also, the modified ABS has a lower shrinkage factor, which, together with improved adhesion, reduces the warping of the model (when the edges of the model come off the table and bulge) to a minimum.

ABS+ is less brittle, but at the same time retains all the strength characteristics of conventional ABS. This allows it to be used in printing elements that are subject to dynamic stresses such as bending and vibration. Also, ABS+ has a lower abrasion rate, which allows it to be used when printing moving parts.

ABS + print parameters are in the same ranges as regular ABS, so you don't need a special printer for this.

So ABS + is:

  • Improved formula of conventional ABS - for printing without delamination, warping, and with improved adhesion.
  • Durability - ABS+ Plexiwire can handle more dynamic loads than ABS.
  • Improved adhesion - when printed, the layers stick together better, which makes the model stronger than ABS.
  • Great detail - ABS + printed models are excellent at high resolution printing.
FDM materials
Ø Of Plastic (mm) 1,75
Weight & Dimensions
Plastic Weight (kg) 1,0

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