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3D printing SLA / LFS

LFS 3D printing uses layer-by-layer polymerization of a photopolymer (resin) with a high-precision laser beam. This technology gives higher quality and functionality of products. For SLA 3D printing, we use high quality Formlabs resins. They can be used to create prototypes and decorative items, as well as fully functional engineering medical, jewelry, dental items, stamps, molds and much more.

The cost of 3D printing each product using LFS technology is calculated individually.

Types of resins
Clear • White • Grey • Black • Model • Color Kit • Draft

Grey Pro • High Temp

Rigid: Rigid 10K • Rigid 4000

Tough & Durable: Tough • Tough 2000 • Tough 1500 • Durable

Flexible & Elastic: Flexible 80A • Elastic 50A

Castable Wax 40 • Castable Wax • High Temp • Grey
BioMed Clear • BioMed Amber • Elastic • Tough 1500 • Clear

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