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10 Nov Electroplating of 3D prints
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Electroplating 3D printingElectroplating of 3D prints is one of the interesting ways to further process the 3D printed elements.Applying a coating with a metallic luster to a printed plastic parts makes its appearance more aesthetic. And, although th..
10 Aug Long-range Surphaser Scanners for Large Objects
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Long Range Surphaser ScannersCenter 3D Print is pleased to introduce a new product on its store shelf - Surphser long range hemispherical 3D laser scanners!These are professional instruments for industrial use in measuring and digitizing the geometry..
06 Jul Authorized Partner Formlabs SLS 3D printing in Poland
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Formlabs Authorized Partner in SLS 3D PrintingWe are pleased to announce that our Center 3D Print has become a Formlabs Authorized SLS 3D Printing Partner in Poland!The Formlabs Fuse 1 3D printer creates durable and functional Nylon Powder models usi..
31 May Center 3D Print at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2022 in Poznan
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ITM Industry Europe 2022Center 3D Print takes part in the exhibition ITM Industry Europe 2022 in Poznan with 3D brands KLEMA and Formlabs.We are waiting for you in pavilion 3A, stand 1A!Industry of the Digital Era..
12 Nov Center 3D Print goes to the Formnext exhibition with KLEMA 3D printers
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Formnext is coming!Center 3D Print goes to the Formnext trade fair with KLEMA 3D printers.Our preparations for the event are coming to an end. The equipment and samples have already been shipped to Germany and are waiting to see the big world and sho..
27 Oct Formlabs Form Wash L and Form Cure L Now Available
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Complete Formlabs Form 3L/3BL EcosystemFrom now on, high quality SLA 3D printing on Formlabs large format 3D printers is supported by the complete Formlabs Form 3L/3BL ecosystem. Form Wash L and Form Cure L for the Form 3L 3D printer are essential el..
04 Oct How to get a free Formlabs sample
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Get a free sample FormlabsWould you like to see by yourself the quality of materials and the quality of 3D printing on Formlabs 3D printers? Getting a free Formlabs sample is easy! Choose a sample and contact our managers (see the Contacts page) to g..
30 Jul Formlabs Tough 1500 Engineering Resin Is Now Biocompatible!
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Formlabs Tough 1500 Engineering Resin Is Now Biocompatible!On Thursday, July 29, 2021, US 3D printer and photopolymer manufacturer Formlabs announced ISO 10993 certification of its Tough 1500 Resin engineering resin. Tough 1500 resin has been tested ..
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