Formlabs 3D Printing Automation Ecosystem

Formlabs introduces a new solution for the automation of polymer 3D printing, called the Formlabs Automation Ecosystem.

It's a comprehensive solution that improves desktop SLA 3D printing and accelerates the implementation of your new ideas to life. You can unlock a whole new level of productivity by automating your fleet of 3D printers to run 24/7 without an operator and minimize costs per part with up to 80% labor savings! Now your 3D printers will print continuously and without operator intervention.

The Automation Ecosystem is a solution including three new products: Form Auto, Fleet Control, and High Volume Resin System.

  • Form Auto is a hardware extension for any Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B, or Form 3B+. Form Auto print automation equipment is designed to automatically remove printed parts from the Build Platform 2 and start the next print. This enables round-the-clock printing without user interaction, minimizes costs per part and saves labor up to 80%.
  • Fleet Control activates new, advanced features within PreForm and Dashboard software that leverage automation and workflow optimization for advanced fleet management through centralized queue management and automatic printer assignment.
  • High Volume Resin System seamlessly delivers 5L of resin through a pumping system, allowing printers to run continuously with 5x fewer cartridge changes.

Automation of polymer 3D printing ➤ Order from C3D in Poland with traning

Reducing the cost of 3D printing with the Automation Ecosystem

Automation is often associated with large, expensive robotic structures, complex protocols, and high cost. Thanks to the Automation Ecosystem, affordable 24/7 3D printing without human intervention becomes possible. And it can be added to any existing Form 3/B/+ printer. Taking up minimal additional space, Form Auto is an advanced production tool designed to enable anyone to increase production volumes at reduced cost and free up their time for more important tasks.

How the printing with and without automation looks like if we need to print 1000 parts of Rotating Arms in Gray Resin in 3 days?

With Automation EcosystemWithout Automation Ecosystem
Printers Needed
Number of cartridge changes
Operators required
Cost per part

Formlabs Automation Ecosystem to automate 3D printing

Automation of polymer 3D printing ➤ Order from C3D in Poland with traning

Continuous 3D printing on your photopolymer 3D printer

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