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ASA plastic KLEMA 1.75 mm black

ASA plastic KLEMA 1.75 mm black
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ASA plastic KLEMA 1.75 mm black
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ASA plastic is an weather-resistant analogue of ABS plastic. It has high rigidity, resistant to dilute acids, mineral oils, diesel fuel. It is certified and complies with the RoHS directive.

The weight of the coil is 1 kg

The diameter of the thread is 1.75 mm and 3 mm

Available colors: natural, white, black.

ASA plastic black

ASA plastic KLEMA black (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) - a substitute for ABS plastic, which is characterized by its weather resistance and impact strength. It is much more resistant to cracking under the influence of UV rays, in contrast to ABS plastic. Especially resistant to alcohols, many cleaners, lubricants, dilute acids, gasoline. Retains a rich color for a long time, does not turn yellow outdoors, well processed. ASA plastic has low deformation shrinkage, high adhesion. Products made of this material are easily subjected to various methods of finishing the post: mechanical, as well as chemical, well suited for painting and varnishing.

Used in:

  • automotive industry
  • construction
  • for products used in the environment.


Print typeFDM
Thread diameter1.75 mm and 3 mm
Density1.07 g / cm 3
Tensile strength44 MPa
Flexural strength61 MPa
Compressive strength50 MPa
Relative elongation15%
Softening temperature96 - 108 ° C
Maximum temperature of long operation55 ° C
Recommended print temperature220 - 250 ° C
Platform temperature> 90 ° C
Print speed30 - 90 mm / s
Coil weight1 kg
Country of originChina
Expiration date1 year

ASA plastic black. Available colors:

ASA plastic KLEMA.  Available colorsASA KLEMA plastic white

The main
Thread diameter 1,75 mm и 3 mm
Coil weight 1 kg
Print temperature 220 — 250°C

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