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PLA plastic Plexiwire for 3D printer 1.75 mm brown (300 m / 0.9 kg)


PLA (PLA, polylactide) is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable resources (corn). The physical properties of PLA plastic are similar to ABS - it is also a tough and brittle polymer (the stiffness coefficient of PLA is even higher), but with a minimal coefficient of shrinkage and high interlayer adhesion as in ABS +. Models adhere perfectly even on the table without heating, excellent adhesion allows you to get good quality models “hot, hot”.
Since PLA is based on biodegradable products, the lifespan of finished models is quite limited. You should not use this plastic for printing models that will be outdoors for a long time, under the sun's radiation, and, even more so, be exposed to acids. Thin-walled models decompose in the open air in a very short time. Also, do not forget that like any thermoplastic, PLA should be well dried before using. The main advantage of PLA is its safety in use. Polylactide does not emit harmful substances when heated, there is no smell when printing. Great for printing at home and in poorly ventilated areas, as well as where there are children. PLA is great for working with 3D pens.

The main
Thread diameter 1,75 +/- 3%
Length 300 m
Other options
Weight Netto (kg) 0.9Kg +/- 3%

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