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Brand: Formlabs Model: Biomed Amber
Resin BioMed Amber Resin is sturdy and rigid biocompatible material for applications requiring short-term contact with the skin or mucous membrane. Parts printed with BioMed Amber are compatible with conventional solvent disinfection and sterilization methods. BioMed Amber resin is manufactured in a..
Ex Tax:9,300.00€
Brand: Formlabs Model: Biomed Clear
Cartridge Formlabs Biomed Clear Resin 1 lransparent, hard and strong photopolymer resin, used for biocompatible products that require prolonged contact with skin or mucous membranes. The polymer is USP Class VI certified, and is suitable for cases requiring wear resistance and low water absorption o..
Ex Tax:13,000.00€
Brand: Formlabs Model: Clear
Transparent photopolymer resin Formlabs Clear ResinOne of the great features of SLA 3D printing is the ability to create virtually transparent structures. To date, there are a number of different transparent photopolymers on the market, including Formlabs resin. Formlabs is one of the world's leadin..
Ex Tax:5,540.00€
Brand: Formlabs Model: Elastic
Formlabs Elastic Resin Cartridge Whether you are optimizing your manufacturing process or evaluating shape, compliance and performance, our Technical Form 2 3D printer resins are designed to withstand great tests and work under stress.It is the softest engineering resin of the Formlabs company (duro..
Ex Tax:7,400.00€
Brand: Formlabs Model: Tough 1500
Formlabs Tough 1500 ResinPrototypes that must be constantly bent and quickly return to its original positionClamping and fastening devices which are constantly exposed to a deflectionSimulation of strength and rigidity of polypropylene (PP)Properties of photopolymer Tough 1500 Resin FORMLABSTough 15..
Ex Tax:6,612.00€
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