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Brand: Formlabs Model: Castable
Formlabs Castable Resin burnable resin is an ideal option for prototyping jewelry. Designed for use in a 3D printer Form 2 and allows you to get objects with a high degree of detail. In the process of burnable, this polymer burns completely, leaving no ash. Printing accuracy: 25,..
Ex Tax:11,115.00€
Brand: Formlabs Model: Castable Wax
20% wax-filled photopolymer for reliable casting with zero ash content and clean burn-in, Castable Wax accurately captures all the details and makes a smooth surface stereolithography. Printed parts are suitable for custom testing and direct investment casting. Supports print resolution: 50 and 25 m..
Ex Tax:11,115.00€
Brand: Formlabs Model: Grey
High-quality photopolymer resin for SLA 3D printer Formlabs Form 2. Ideal for making detailed samples for any purpose. Suitable for design projects and prototyping. Supports high-precision printing: 25, 50 or 100 microns.Cartridge Formlabs Grey Resin greyPhotopolymer resin is the main cons..
Ex Tax:5,540.00€
Brand: Formlabs Model: High Temp
Heat-resistant photopolymer resin capable of withstanding temperatures up to 289 ° C. It is optimal for static parts exposed to high temperatures. Can be used in a number of production processes, such as injection molding.Printing accuracy: 25, 50 and 100 microns.Heat-resistant resin Formlabs High T..
Ex Tax:7,400.00€
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