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Specific plastics

Brand: Klema Model: KLEMA 1,75/2,85/3,00 mm
Conductive ABS plastic KLEMA 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm and 3.00 mmConductive ABS plastic KLEMA is available with a thread diameter of 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm or 3.00 mm and is available in coils. The thread is perfect for printed circuit boards and various devices that require electrostatic protection.Black Conduct..
Ex Tax:1,650.00€
Brand: Plexiwire Filament Model: 1,75 mm /1,185 kg
Buy fluorescent PLA plasticFluorescent PLA plastic works well with 3D pens . The main advantage of this material is complete safety in use. Polylactide does not emit any harmful substances when heated, does not leave an odor during printing. This is ideal for printing in poorly ventilated areas. In ..
Ex Tax:550.00€
Brand: Plexiwire Filament Model: 1.75 mm/ 0.9 kg
Fluorescent PLA plastic is an aliphatic polyester, the monomer of which is lactic acid. In small-scale production, it is most often used to create products with a short service life (food packaging, bags, disposable dishes, various containers).The Plexiwire Fluorescent PLA Advantage:rich, vibrant co..
Ex Tax:413.00€
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