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FDM Technology of 3D Printing

FDM 3D printing is a technology for building a three-dimensional model layer by layer with molten 3D plastic, which is fed through an extruder.

This is the cheapest way to 3D print mock-ups, prototypes, decor items, logos, parts restoration, auto-tuning, sculpting, small-scale production, home needs, etc.

SLA Technology of 3D Printing

SLA (LFS) 3D printing uses a layer-by-layer polymerization of a photopolymer with a high-precision laser beam. This technology gives higher quality and functionality to products.

In SLA 3D printing we use high-quality Formlabs resins. With their help, you can create both prototypes and decorative products, as well as fully functional engineering medical, jewelry, dental elements, stamps, molds, and much more.

SLS Technology of 3D Printing

SLS 3D printing uses a powerful laser to sinter finely divided polymer powder layer by layer into a solid, complex structure. At the same time, unused powder supports the details during the printing process. This opens up truly unlimited possibilities to create complex-shaped parts without the use of supports and with little or no post-processing.

Products created using SLS 3D printing have a slightly rough surface. Products printed using SLS technology have excellent mechanical characteristics, which are comparable in strength to products made by traditional injection molding.

You can order 3D printing service:

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  • In the office at: 11 Gnieźnieńska Street, 31-317 Krakow, Poland
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