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Brand: Flashforge Model: Finder
3D printer for beginners Flashforge FinderFlashforge Finder 3D Printer for Beginners is an affordable, efficient and convenient 3D printer for home use, educational institutions, schools, 3D printing shows, working with children and teenagers, etc. The printer comes fully assembled, ready to print a..
1 499 zł
Ex Tax:1 219 zł
Brand: Flashforge Model: Finder 3
3D printer Flashforge Finder 3Developed on the base of the entry-level Flashforge Finder, the Flashforge Finder 3 3D printer is a version for more demanding users. It has a larger working space of 190×195×200 mm. The Z-axis is 200 mm, which gives more options to print more sized models. The reinforc..
2 300 zł
Ex Tax:1 870 zł
Brand: Flashforge Model: Creator Pro 2
3D printer Flashforge Creator Pro 23D printer Flashforge Creator Pro 2 equipped with two independent extruders and has a closed print chamber. It is used by designers and engineers to print prototypes or complex engineering components. This is an updated version of the Creator 3D printer with IDEX i..
5 117 zł 5 356 zł
Ex Tax:4 160 zł
Brand: Flashforge Model: Adventurer 3
Flashforge 3D printer key featuresFlashforge Adventurer 3 3D printer is a good choice for home 3D printing, for beginners, for schools and various workshops. It has a compact print camera size of 150×150×150 mm and a user-friendly interface design with easy-to-use powerful features.Lightweight and p..
2 494 zł
Ex Tax:2 028 zł
Brand: Flashforge Model: Adventurer 4
3D printer Flashforge Adventurer 4Flashforge Adventurer 4 3D printer is a friendly, powerful and safe device that boasts a large build volume of 220×200×250 mm, a closed chamber, quick and easy nozzle changes and an enviable list of filaments it can print with. In addition, it has a decent set of au..
5 686 zł
Ex Tax:4 623 zł
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