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Would you like to see by yourself the quality of materials and the quality of 3D printing on Formlabs 3D printers? Getting a free Formlabs sample is easy! Choose a sample and contact our managers (see the Contacts page) to get it. We will send you a free sample part made from the material you are interested.

The polymers used in LFS 3D printing on the Form 3, Form 3L or SLS Fuse 1 3D printer are developed in Formlabs laboratories and tested according to international standards. The Formlabs portfolio today includes a range of functional polymers with special application properties. Evaluate the quality of 3D printing and the functional features of the selected polymer.

Formlabs Clear Resin Sample

Sample Formlabs Clear Resin

Part from Clear Resin, printed on a Form 3 3D printer. Models made from this material have a polished surface of amazing quality. In addition, such parts have almost optical transparency. The polymer is ideal for working with light or showing internal functions.

  • A high resolution
  • Has a clean optically transparent surface
  • No additional polymerization required

Printed patr from Formlabs Gray Resin

Free Formlabs Sample from Gray Resin. The material is used for prototyping and general design, great for capturing small parts.

  • A high resolution
  • Clean matte surface that perfectly reproduces fine detail
  • No post-cure required

Draft Resin Sample

Free sample Formlabs

Free sample printed with Formlabs Draft Resin. This photopolymer prints parts 4 times faster than other standard resins. It is ideal material for iterative prototyping. This sample part contains three brackets attached to the raft, allowing you to experience the ease of removing the prop. A single bracket can be printed in just 17 minutes with Draft Resin.

  • Initial prototypes
  • Fast iterations
  • High throughput

A pen made of standard photopolymer Black Resin

Black Resin polymer is designed for 3D printing models with very thin elements and intricate details.

  • A high resolution
  • Clean matte surface
  • No post-cure required

Gray Pro Resin Engineering Part

Free sample Formlabs

The versatile Gray Pro Resin is great for concept modeling and functional prototyping, especially for parts that will be machined repeatedly.

Material properties:

  • Tensile strength - 61.2 MPa
  • Tensile modulus - 2.6 GPa
  • Flexural modulus - 2.0 GPa
  • Elongation - 13.0%

Formlabs White Resin architectural model

Free sample Formlabs

With White Resin, it is easy to print smooth surfaces and details. It is ideal for finished presentations or as a base for colored prints.

  • A high resolution
  • Surface cleanliness
  • No post-cure required

Gears made of Durable Resin

Free sample Formlabs

Durable Resin is used to print parts with a smooth glossy surface and high deformation resistance. After all, this material has a low modulus of elasticity, high elongation and high impact strength. Use this material for parts where minimal friction is required.

Material properties:

  • Tensile strength - 28 MPa
  • Tensile modulus - 1.0 GPa
  • Notched Izod - 114 J/m
  • Heat distortion temperature - @0.45 MPa 41 °C

Tough 1500 Resin spring

Tough 1500 Resin photopolymer allows the production of tough and pliable parts that quickly bend and squeeze under cyclic loading. The combination of stiffness and elongation in this resin allows this spring to be repeatedly compressed and returned to shape. This sample is a three-piece assembly: a base, a spring placed on the supports, and a top that is pressed against the spring.

Material properties:

  • Tensile strength - 33 MPa
  • Tensile modulus - 1.5 GPa
  • Notched Izod - 67 J/m
  • Heat distortion temperature - @0.45 MPa 52 °C

Free sample from Tough 2000 Resin

Free sample Formlabs

This pump housing demonstrates the toughness of Tough 2000 Resin.

Tough 2000 is the toughest and toughest material in the Formlabs Tough and Durable Resin family. This makes it ideal for prototyping strong parts that don't have to bend easily.

Material properties:

  • Tensile strength - 46 MPa
  • Tensile modulus - 2.2 GPa
  • Notched Izod - 40 J/m
  • Heat distortion temperature - @0.45 MPa 63 °C

High Temp Resin Hair Dryer Attachment

High Temp Resin V2 withstands thermal stress up to 238 °C at 0.45 MPa. This makes it ideal for static applications that will be exposed to higher temperatures.

Material properties:

  • Heat distortion temperature - @0.45 MPa 238 °C (for material version V2) and 289 °C (version V1)

Free Sample Formlabs Glass Filled Rigid 10K Resin

Free sample Formlabs

Rigid 10K Resin is the toughest material in the Formlabs engineering family. This glass-filled material mimics the strength of glass and fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. This multi-tool includes a slotted screwdriver, bottle opener and three hex keys to demonstrate the material's resistance to deformation under various forces and torques.

Material properties:

  • Tensile strength - 65 MPa
  • Tensile modulus - 10 GPa
  • Flexural modulus - 9 GPa

Rigid 4000 Resin impeller

Free sample Formlabs

Rigid 4000 Resin is glass reinforced. This ensures high rigidity and a polished surface. It is ideal for rigid and strong parts that can withstand minimal deflection. Thin-walled parts are printed from it.

Material properties:

  • Tensile strength - 75.2 MPa
  • Tensile modulus - 4.1 GPa
  • Flexural modulus - 3.7 GPa

Elastic 50A Resin Artery Model

Free sample Formlabs

Elastic 50A Resin is Formlabs softest engineering resin. Suitable for printing parts that will bend, stretch, shrink and withstand repetitive cycles without breaking. This pattern is a design interpretation of the pulmonary artery.

Material properties:

  • Tensile strength - 3.32 MPa
  • Breaking elongation - 160%
  • Tensile strength - 19.1 kN/m
  • Compression set at 70C - 9%
  • Shore hardness - 50A

Free Sample Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin

Flexible 80A Resin is the stiffest flexible material among Formlabs flexible and resilient resins with 80 Shore A hardness. Simulates the flexibility of rubber or TPU. By balancing softness and strength, Flexible 80A resin can withstand flexing and compression even with repetitive cycles. It is the choice for harder flexible parts that slowly regain their shape after deformation. Supports print resolution: 100 and 50 microns. Post cure required.

Material properties:

  • Tensile strength - 8.9 MPa
  • Breaking elongation - 120%
  • Tensile strength - 24 kN/m
  • Shore hardness - 80A

Crafted from Castable Wax Resin

Castable Wax Resin accurately prints the most intricate jewelry details thanks to its high strength. This resin contains 20% wax for a clean and reliable casting that mimics traditional casting technology. Formlabs recommends this material for try-ons and direct investment casting for filigree and fine pieces with fine details. For excellent repeatable results, you just need to adhere to the manufacturer's suggested burn-in schedule.


  • Light intricate decorations
  • One material for prototyping and production
  • Does not require additional curing

Jewelry model from Castable Wax 40 Resin

Castable Wax 40 Resin Jewelry Wax Resin provides exceptional casting performance for the toughest projects. Castable Wax 40 contains a 40% mixture of hard and soft waxes. With its low thermal expansion, it is the recommended direct casting material in a wide range of styles from heavy-grade rings and medallions to lightweight wedding jewelry.


  • Purely cast stone frames, embossed text and heavy objects
  • Using gypsum molding and standard burnout
  • Does not require additional curing

High Temp Resin Jewelry Sample

Free sample Formlabs

Formlabs High Temp Resin is also recommended for use in RTV and high temperature natural rubber vulcanization processes. Vulcanization creates a mold capable of producing multiple wax replicas for a faster and easier wax burnout process.


Thermal deflection temperature - @0.45 MPa 238 °C

Fan adapter made of biocompatible BioMed Clear Resin

BioMed Clear Resin is a hard, durable material for biocompatible applications requiring prolonged contact with skin or mucous membranes. This USP Class VI certified material is suitable for applications requiring wear resistance and low water absorption over time. Parts printed with BioMed Clear Resin are compatible with conventional sterilization methods. BioMed Clear Resin is manufactured at Formlabs to ISO13485 and is supported by an FDA device master file.


  • Medical equipment and device components
  • Fan and PPE components
  • Biotechnological equipment
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Research and development

Nylon 11 sample 3D printed on Formlabs Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer

Nylon 11 powder is a high performance material for functional prototyping and small batch production. It is designed for the manufacture of highly ductile and durable parts. This sample shows a sturdy case printed with Nylon 12 powder and an insert printed with Nylon 11 powder with a snap-on clip that opens when you press a durable button.

Case: Nylon 12 Powder

Insert: Nylon 11 Powder


  • Impact resistant prototypes, fixtures and fittings
  • Thin-walled ducts and fences
  • Buttons, clamps and hinges
  • Orthopedics and Prosthetics*

*Material properties may vary depending on part design and manufacturing practices. The part manufacturer is responsible for checking the suitability of printed parts for the intended use.

Nylon 12 sample 3D printed on Formlabs Fuse 1

Nylon 12 powder that combines strength and detail. It is a high performance material for both functional prototyping and end-use of complex assemblies and durable parts with high environmental sustainability. Printed on a Fuse 1 without feet, this rugged case includes moving components printed together and an internal card that demonstrates the print functions.


  • High performance prototyping
  • Small batch production
  • Permanent fixtures and tools
  • Biocompatible, sterilizable parts*

*Material properties may vary depending on part design and manufacturing practices. The part manufacturer is responsible for checking the suitability of printed parts for the intended use.

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